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Counties Tourist Regions
Hualien County 463 hotels Penghu National Scenic Area 46 hotels
Pingtung County 461 hotels Kinmen Islands 40 hotels
Nantou County 285 hotels Alishan National Scenic Area 17 hotels
Yilan County 268 hotels Sun Moon Lake 64 hotels
Taitung County 119 hotels Kenting National Park 60 hotels
Taoyuan County 100 hotels Green Island 103 hotels
Chiayi County 60 hotels Taroko National Park 8 hotels
Penghu County 46 hotels Keelung Islet 29 hotels
Miaoli County 35 hotels East Rift Valley 80 hotels
Kinmen County 40 hotels Chengcing Lake 245 hotels
Changhua County 19 hotels Guishan Island 16 hotels
Yunlin County 21 hotels Shei-Pa National Park 13 hotels
Hsinchu County 22 hotels Yehliu Geopark 16 hotels
Cities Business
Taipei City 556 hotels Taipei 101 
Kaohsiung City 292 hotels Taipei World Trade Center 
Taichung City 234 hotels
Tainan City 149 hotels Entertainment
New Taipei City 161 hotels National Theater and Concert Hall 
Hsinchu City 48 hotels
Chiayi City 33 hotels Institutions
Keelung City 12 hotels National Taiwan University 
The Presidential Office Building 
Towns Taipei Medical University 
Hualien 299 hotels
Hengchun Township 419 hotels Religious Sites
Taitung City 71 hotels Taiwan Confucian Temple 
Jiaoxi Township 61 hotels
Zhongli City 29 hotels Shopping
Ren-ai Township 85 hotels Shilin Night Market 
The Taipei Jianguo Jade & Flower Market 
Featured Airports Fengjia Night Market 
Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE)
Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA) Sights
Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH) National Palace Museum 
Taichung Airport (RMQ) Tuntex Sky Tower 
Tainan Airport (TNN) Shimen Dam 
Taitung Airport (TTT)
Hualien Airport (HUN) Things to do
Pingtung Airport (PIF) Ximending 
Taipei Zoo 
Taipei Bus Station 



南投清境落羽松競美, 合歡溪楓正紅 南投清境落羽松競美, 合歡溪楓正紅

台北 - 北投享暖湯, 陽明山賞紅葉 台北 – 北投享暖湯, 陽明山賞紅葉

高雄城市小旅遊, 探時尚圖書館2 高雄城市小旅遊, 探時尚圖書館

宜蘭住新民宿, 樂享鄉村閒情2 宜蘭住新民宿, 樂享鄉村閒情

喵星人攻佔嘉義小村莊, 彩繪壁畫超吸睛 喵星人攻佔嘉義小村莊, 彩繪壁畫超吸睛

阿里山 - 紅榨槭染山谷, 賞雲霧冬螢  阿里山 – 紅榨槭染山谷, 賞雲霧冬螢

台中 - 大雪山楓染大地, 紅葉狩觀雲海 台中 – 大雪山楓染大地, 紅葉狩觀雲海

宜蘭礁溪泡暖湯, 住歐式莊園 宜蘭礁溪泡暖湯, 住歐式莊園

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