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About Myeong-dong Station

Myeong-dong is one of the main shopping districts in Seoul, South Korea. You can find major department stores located here including Lotte Department Store, M Plaza, Noon Square, Myeong-dong Migliore, Shinsegae Department Store and etc.

Myeong-dong also has various restaurants with Korean, Japanese and Western dining options. Family restaurants and fast food store also available here.

Myeong-dong Station (Seoul Subway Line No. 4) is located in this area, for those who love to do shopping while travelling, this is one of the area you can consider to stay, at the same time, you are well connected to other place of interest due to proximity to subway station.


Find an affordable hotel near Subway Station

When you travel to a city, as a Free and Easy Traveller, planning a head is always a better choice before you start your travelling. This way, you can set your schedule for accommodation, transportation, place of interest and activities. This will further enhance your cost and budget planning.

Free and Easy Traveller can go in different combinations like solo traveller, couple traveller, friends traveller, family traveller, etc. Each type of traveller will have different accommodation requirement, some need a single bed room to stay as others may need a bigger room with more beds to accommodate a family.

Easy access to public transport
Staying at a hotel that have easy access to public transportation will further enhance your travel experience. Traveller can easily moving around in the city or getting to the place of interest with ease. This will also benefit your budget planning.

Do some research on the place of interest that you wish to visit and find out the easiest and cost-saving transport method to reach these places. Also, do some reading on bus route, subway route and other transport method.

Easy access to restaurant and convenient store
By this time, you will have a better idea on where you plan to visit and how to get to these places, now you can start to look at where to would like to stay with convenience. Staying at a hotel that is near to public transport is not enough, easy access to restaurants and convenient stores will further enhance your travel experience especially for family travel with baby, children or elderly.

Easy access to supermarket is a bonus
Family traveller with children or elderly, with access to supermarket, you are able to buy fresh fruits, which is a great choice after a day long travelling. Variety of food is much more that a convenient store can provide.


Explore the map below to find your affordable hotel stay.

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List of hotels closer to subway station

A quick list of hotels closer to the subway station.


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Also, you can take a quick search on cheapest month flying to Seoul from your departing city. Explore the options available in the form for best deals.


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